A green festival …

Since its inception, the Buskers Verein strives to plan and design the festival in a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly way. The festival uses urban open spaces, and artistic performances expand Vienna’s cultural programme. The event is gaining popularity from year to year, with the number of visitors increasing continuously, including the ecological and social responsibility. Expediency, technical feasibility and cost-benefit factors are taken into account in the planning and implementation of environmental measures. Eco-friendliness is not seen as a problem, but as an opportunity to make the festival ecologically and socially sustainable and efficient. Sustainability, environmental awareness and resource conservation are long-standing, dynamic strategies. The environmental measures put in place are re-evaluated and expanded every year.

The Buskers Festival Vienna was already awarded as an “√∂ko-event” in 2013 and 2014. In addition, the association received the award as Austria’s largest open air green festival at the “nachhaltig gewinnen” competition of the ministry for sustainability and tourism in 2014. The association has distinguished itself by the fact that the environmental measures go far beyond the environmental directives laid down by law. Due to the expanded environmental strategies, as well as the social benefits, in particular the guide to the blind, the chances are good again this year.

The aim is to have the Buskers Festival certified with the Austrian Umweltzeichen.

With a concept …

Environmental consultant

Jelena Brcina
Studies environmental and bio resource management at BOKU Vienna and is the creative mind behind our Green concept. It is always a driving force not only in planning, but also in the implementation. Her motto: “Avoid garbage before it is created!” Environmental Report 2019 Download

The Green Concept

With increasing popularity and the number of visitors to our festival, the ecological responsibility also increases! Together with the visitors, we want to follow a green and sustainable path, with respect for people and the environment. That’s why we developed our own sustainability concept for the Buskers Festival.

Our additional offer

In addition to the obligatory responsibilities and requirements, we offer various additional offers during the festival.

  • Guidance for the visually impaired
  • Recycling workshops
  • Wheelchair spaces
  • Waste advice
  • Perks for those in need

… And award!

The Buskers Festival is also the proud winner of the “Nachhaltig gewinnen 2017/2018” competition.



MOBILITY AND CLIMATE Because of the central location of the venue, the majority of visitors come on foot, by bike or by public transport. The environmentally friendly journey is also advertised in a targeted manner and there are plenty of bike parking spaces available.

WASTE AND TRANSPORT Waste prevention measures such as the use of reusable cups, flyer ban, give-away restrictions and the use of reusable banners are paramount. The waste generated is collected separately and handed over to the MA 48. We use eco paper and our banners are reused annually.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE There are regional and organic products. Meat consumption is kept to a minimum by a rich vegetarian supply. Catering service providers are bound by established rules on waste prevention and separation, as well as energy efficiency.

Many artists do without electricity, additional lighting is dispensed with. The electricity is supplied by Wien Energie and the water consumption is kept to a minimum. A public drinking fountain is available to holidays. EDUCATIONAL ACTIONS
With the kind support of the ARA
“Reinwerfen statt Wegwerfen” is the largest Austrian-wide platform on the topic of anti-Littering. Since 2012, the initiative of the Altstoff Recycling Austria AG (ARA) and Austria’s economy has been implementing and promoting awareness-raising measures for a clean Austria and against the careless throwing away of rubbish on the street, in the countryside or in water bodies. Since 2012, more than 150 projects and more than 170 land cleanups have been implemented or supported. More info at: www.reinwerfen.at and on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/reinwerfen