From Idea to Realisation

A few years ago a couple of friends came up with the idea for the festival on their travels through Europe. After some research work the conclusion was inevitable: Vienna needs a festival like this!

From our first entative steps in 2011, The Buskers festival Vienna has grown into one of the most colourful, innovative and diverse Street Art Festival in Europe, which guarantees highest quality and professionalism.

Thanks to an open-minded echo from the City of Vienna, the festival got an excellent venue right from the start with the Karlsplatz in Vienna, with an almost perfect backdrop for this completely new spectacle in Vienna until then.

Since that time, breathtaking performances by over 100 artists from all over the world can be admired on Karlsplatz – once a year and with free admission – for 3 days. For our youngest guests there is also a “children’s spectacle”, which besides various introductory workshops also houses a craft and make-up corner. And because sustainability has always played an important role for the Buskers Festival Vienna, workshops on the subject of up- and recycling now take place every year.

The Buskers Festival is now one of the largest open air events on Vienna’s Karlsplatz, and in 2018 it attracted over 80,000 visitors.

In summary, it can also be expressed in this way: Buskers Wien is international street art that promotes creativity and interaction between people with its uniqueness and carefree joy of life, and brings families and above all children closer to the diversity and beauty of street art. More on this here