Project Description

Juggling is very well suited to increase physical and mental well-being. Thus, it promotes the ability to concentrate, the speed of reaction, the spatial
Imagination, as well as feeling for time, rhythm and balance. The even strain on the muscles and the musculoskeletal system increases the mobility of the body.
and endurance. Juggling also increases peripheral vision and trains coordination and perception. Last but not least, juggling is a good option,
to relieve stress through his almost meditative uniformity. That’s why we have the Buskers workshops, where children and adults can get a taste of circus air and juggle with each other.
to be able to practice. Under the supervision of experienced jugglers the different techniques are learned step by step. Participation is free of charge. Included: Balls, cloths, clubs, rings, diabolos, flowersticks, devilsticks, kendamas, yo-yos, turntables and everything else you can throw into the air.

Daily 14 – 19 h

No advance registration necessary

Kindly supported by FilziĀ“s Jonglerie