Project Description

Brazil has a universe of musical and cultural diversity to offer. An economically poor but musically particularly rich region is the hot northeast of the country. From there comes the Maracatu. The powerful energy of the Maracatu creates a rousing atmosphere. The large wooden drums (Alfaias) form the heartbeat, they are driven by the bell (Gongu’) and underpinned with the sound bed of the snare drums (Caixas) and the pearl-covered pumpkins (Agb’s). Maracatu Caxinguel” is a Viennese percussion group dedicated to the soundscapes of Maracatu. We are about 20 drummers and a colourful mix of amateur and professional musicians from Brazil, other parts of South America and Europe. On the one hand, we play traditional songs, but also newly arranged and other styles based on different northeastern Brazilian rhythms. We feel comfortable both on a stage and during parades, and spread a good mood with the energetic music and the rousing rhythms.